Episode 13: It’s Gonna be a Showdown

Well hey there, everybody!

Welcome back to another joyous episode of Best Movie Ever! This time around, we’re duking it out over our most highly-anticipated movie of the summer, Man of Steel, and finally getting around to our Best Westerns Ever. Not sure what took us so long, but leave it to The Lone Ranger to finally get our act together. So without further ado, commence the jigglin’!

[START – 03:29]
Introductions for all you first-time listeners.

[03:29 – 11:02] SEGMENT I: WHATCHA’ WATCHIN’?
Aiden didn’t get a chance to catch Before Midnight, but he did get to see the funniest movie he’s seen in years, This is The End. Sean agrees with that sentiment.

[11:02 – 21:01]
Sean saw You’re Next, the buzzworthy new ditty from Adam Wingard of V/H/S/2 fame. Then he followed it up with White House Down. It’s no Independence Day, but it was better than he thought.

So, Man of Steel. Seems like folks are pretty divided on this one and we’re no exception. Aiden loved it, Sean didn’t, we each have our reasons. Being the case, we wound up stating our case for the next 50 minutes and still managed to come out friends at the end. A thing of beauty, really.

Oh, it’s also chock full of spoilers, so skip right ahead if you have yet to see it.

[1:09:33 – 1:18:50] SEGMENT III: BEST WESTERN EVER
Sean went with an original gangster, Stagecoach. Aiden hasn’t seen it, he feels shame.

[1:18:50 – 1:27:58]
It’s no High Noon or Good, Bad and Ugly, but Aiden went with The Proposition, the best Western that’s come out in quite a while. All about the grit, folks.

[1:27:58 – END]
We say goodbye.

And that’s about it, y’all. Thanks as always for listening and big ups to Atheist for lending us his mighty fly beats (listen up if you haven’t already). So until next time, stay groovy, boys and girls.