The Best Bio Page Ever

Aiden met Sean at a house party in college where they bonded over a mutual love for Death From Above 1979 – the greatest love there is. It wasn’t until a good six years later that they decided to put their collective vaults of useless movie knowledge to good use, but it’s been a magical journey nonetheless. These days, Aiden’s shacking up in scenic Vermont with his lovely wife and thoroughly enjoying all the trees/lakes/craft breweries at his disposal. When he’s not getting all emotional over High Noon, you can find him fighting the good fight over at Cut The Crap Movie Reviews and What the Hell Should I Watch on Netflix?
Sean lives in the wilds of Brooklyn, NY. Sure he’s got a couple of them fancy schmancy academic degrees in English literature, but he’s also a huge movie fan. When he’s not secretly cursing Jaws for making him scared of the bathtub, he’s keeping it real over at Latino Review and CriterionCast.

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