Episode 12: The Ultimate Battle

Hey, everybody!

Welcome back to another glorious episode filled with laughs, tears and geekouts galore. This week, we’re talking about the recent disappearance of high-concept comedies and which universe we belong to: DC or Marvel? Like we said, geekouts galore. So without further ado, go right ahead and give that PLAY button a click, yo.

[START – 1:40]
Introductions for all you first-time listeners.

Inspired by the scenic sights of Montreal, Sean went back and revisited The Score (which is also on Netflix Instant). Still a solid “dad movie” after all these years.

[8:25 – 15:40]
Like the rest of planet Earth, Aiden’s world was recently rocked by an episode of Game of Thrones. He also liked The Great Gatsby far more than he was expecting, probably because that damn Redford version (also on Netflix Instant, but seriously, don’t watch it, it blows).

Inspired by This is the End (far and away the funniest movie of the year so far), Sean can’t help but wonder where all the big-budget, wildly original comedies have gone? A truly sad state of affairs.

[27:20 – 33:45] SEGMENT III: DC OR MARVEL?
Aiden’s torn. By and large, he’s all DC. Then again, there’s Spider-man II

[33:45 – 49:20]
Sean’s firmly planted in the DC universe, not that Marvel’s doesn’t have its moments.

[49:20 – END]
We say goodbye. Thanks as always to Atheist for the fly beats (keep your ears out for his next album, son) and until next time, thanks for listening, gang!


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