Episode 11: Venetian Blinds and Exorcisms

Well hello there, boys and girls! Apologies once again for the delay on this sucker, but rest assured, we are still very much alive. This week on Best Movie Ever, we’re talking about the perks of upgrading to Bluray and the ringing in Evil Dead with The Best Most Disgusting Scenes Ever. It’s lots of fun for the whole family to enjoy, so strap grandma to the roof and hit PLAY already!

[START – 2:25]
Introductions for all you first-time listeners out there.

[2:25 – 10:45] SEGMENT I: WHATCHA’ WATCHIN’?
Sean started watching Top of the Lake (which also happens to be on Netflix Instant). Twin Peaks comparisons start flying left and right.

[10:45 – 16:10]
The indecisive bastard that he is, Aiden dabbled in Oblivion, The Central Park Five and Sherlock since the last we saw him. Some were better than others.

The question: have we ever bought movies on Bluray that we already own on DVD/VHS? As it just so happens, this leads to a lengthy discussion about Terrence Malick and Badlands, the glorious movie that inspired this here segment.

Aiden went with a heartwarming scene from one of his favorite Disney classics, High Tension. He couldn’t find a YouTube clip of it, but trust him, it was gnarly.

[37:55 – 46:23]
Sean went with two lovely scenes from The Exorcist, both of which have rightly earned their place in horror history.

[46:23 – 54:21]
We end things with quick reflection on Evil Dead vs. The Evil Dead (which is also on Netflix Instant). Minor semi-spoilers for those who haven’t seen the remake.

[54:21- END]
We say goodbye.

And that’s a wrap, kids. Thanks a mil for listening and thanks as always to Atheist for those diggety-dope beats of his (check ’em if you haven’t, or better yet, have yourself a listen to his new stuff). So until next time, stay groovy.


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