Episode 9: Haters Gonna Hate

Hey, everybody!

Welcome back to another glorious episode of Best Movie Ever. In honor of John McClane’s hot mess of a comeback last month, we run down our picks for the Best One-Man-Army Ever. And in the spirit of being random, we take a life-altering trip down memory lane, all the way back to the first movies we ever hated. Things just weren’t the same after that…

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and apologies for the occasional audio drop-out. We’re pointing the finger at Skype on this one.

[START – 2:00]
Introductions for all you first-time listeners.

[2:00 – 13:08] SEGMENT I: WHATCHA’ WATCHIN’?
Aiden eventually gets to talking about how The Walking Dead‘s shaping up this season, but not before he and Sean get to talking about Steven Soderbergh’s swan song, Side Effects.

[13:08 – 22:18]
Sean saw The Searchers on the big screen for the first time in forever. It was quite the experience.

Once upon a time, 12-year-old Sean watched Beetlejuice for the first time. It did not go well.

[31:01 – 37:17]
Once upon a time, 12-year-old Aiden made his dad take him to Wing Commander. It did not go well.

In honor of A Good Day to Die Hard, Sean gives Aiden the 4-1-1 on everything that was so awful about it.

[41:13 – 53:28]
Aiden takes a more literal approach and goes with the original one-man-army, John Rambo.

[53:28 – 1:05:28]
Sean takes a more inventive approach and goes with Scott Pilgrim. Aiden kicks himself for not thinking of it first.

[1:05:28 – END]
We say goodbye.

And that’s a wrap, folks. Thanks a mil for listening and thanks as always to Atheist for letting us jack his fly beats (download that ish if you haven’t already, fool). See you on the other side!

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