Episode 8: The Oscars Episode

Well hey there, boys and girls! Welcome back to another dandy episode of Best Movie Ever! Since we weren’t sure when we’d actually get this baby up, Sean and I thought we’d play it safe by running down our picks and predictions for the Oscars this year. So who cares if the big event is still two weeks away? Time to hit play and get those juices flowing, yo! Enjoy!

[START – 2:26]
Introductions for all you first-time listeners.

[2:26 – 10:38] SEGMENT I: WHATCHA’ WATCHIN’?
Aiden wasn’t crazy about Zero Dark Thirty, something to do with dog collars, but Sean dug it quite a bit.

[10:38 – 17:58]
Sean saw The Last Stand (even reviewed it, too), and Aiden was surprisingly envious of him. Chalk it up to a Kim Ji-woon fetish.

[17:58 – 21: 56] SEGMENT II: THE OSCARS
We start things off with the Original Screenplay nominees.

[21:56 – 26:35]
The next natural stop: the Adapted Screenplay noms.

[26:35 – 33:16]
Then, onto the Supporting Actors, a list that’s seriously lacking in the Leo DiCaprio department.

[33:16 – 35:36]
We take all of two minutes to agree that Anne Hathaway’s got Supporting Actress in the bag.

[35:36 – 39:29]
Aiden saw four of the five Animated Films nominated this year, so he jumps at the opportunity to shit all over Brave (even though it’ll probably win).

[39:29 – 44:36]
Though DDL’s got a lock on Best Actor this year, we still take a moment to daydream about an Oscars where Joaquin wins an upset for the ages.

[44:36 – 49:44]
Not really sure who’s winning Best Actress this year (even though Emmanuelle Riva totally deserves it).

[49:44 – 54:45]
Folks, let’s just say Sean’s not too happy about Mihai Malaimare, Jr. getting snubbed for Best Cinematography this year.

[54:45 -59:26]
Not really sure who’s going to win Best Director either, but Sean’s not happy about Paul Thomas Anderson’s absence.

[59:26 – 1:05:09]
And lastly, our picks and predictions for the Best Picture noms.

Aiden’s pretty amped for whatever the hell Alfonso Cuaron is doing with Gravity.

[1:08:05 -1:11:22]
Still reeling off the awesomeness that was District 9, Sean’s looking forward to Elysium.

[1:11:22 – END]
And then we say goodbye.

Thanks as always for listening, gang, and a big thanks as usual to Atheist for the fly beats off his diggety-dope debut album Thanks for the Burgers (download that ish, son). So until next time, homeys, keep on keepin’ on.


1 thought on “Episode 8: The Oscars Episode

  1. The Impossible is a wondrous drama that is both harrowing, but a little too slow, a little bit too overlong and occasionally boring!! The storytelling on both of the points of views of the family(the mother son story and the father story) feels very dreadful and so does the aftermath of the tsunami!! But still very terrific!! Not outstanding, but terrific and emotionally beautiful, harrowing, powerful, profound!! Naomi Watts is my 2nd pick for best actress
    My Grade for film: A-
    My Grade for performance by Naomi Watts: A

    Life Of Pi-Totally Underrated, but still worth praising for its narration and acting form narration! Not a. Best pic film, but I am going with that film for best cinematography!!! Beautiful Cinematography!! My Grade: A very poor and extremely disappointing C+ grade!!!

    Lincoln and Argo are worth winning for best pic!! And how can Ben Affleck get snubbed for best director!!! Daniel Day-Lewis: A++ DDL performance AS LINCOLN: A+++
    Lincoln movie itself: A

    And I have to agree with Aiden on Zero Dark Thirty!! It felt kind of slow, very dreadful , extremely overlong(for 2hrs.30minutes) and a little boring for me!! And couldn’t the scene with the raid take a shorter, but more delicate time!! It felt really short and very slow!! And how can you tell if the man the SEALS killed was Osama!! That kill shot went too fast for me to question whether the SEALS REALLY killed Osama in the movie!
    My Grade for movie:A fair and VERY GENEROUS B- grade!!
    This will probably win best pic.(even though I would be very dissapointed and I don’t want it to win, but will anyway) becuase of the praise that critics and audiences are giving it!!!!
    Jessica Chaistain MIGHT WIN THOUGH!!!!

    Beasts Of the Southern Wild is about 95 minutes and it felt VERY SLOW, OVERLONG, AND BORING!!! But… Quvenzhané Wallis(prnounced Kwa Van Je Nay) was outstanding and brilliant and it’s surprising to see a 9-year old girl(the YOUNGEST ACTRESS to EVER get nominated for BEST ACTRESS)!! So.. that’s my THIRD pick for Best Actress
    My Grade for the movie: C
    Performance by main actress: A+++

    It is a very funny, OUTSTANDINGLY smart, OUTRAGEOUSLY MARVELOUSLY taut, terrifically suspenseful, emtionally profound, and a powerfully exhilarating piece of entertainment and pulse/heart-pounding excitement that is an extreme whole lot of EXTREME FUN!!!!!!!!
    Brilliant, but delicate and intricate directing, spectacular acting, audiously scripted, and magnificently filmed!! It is superb, sublime, daring, tense, provactive, and a stylish
    edge-of-your-seat nail-bitter of a film!!! Worthy getting a surprising win of Best Pic.
    A BIG A+++ Grade!!!

    Silver Linings Playbook- It’s all funny , smaart, sweet, beautiful, moving, surprisingly inteicate, delicate, brilliant, magnificent, marvelous, wonderous, terrifc, and heart-warming!!!!!! My 2nd Best Film of The Year!! It somehow, but yet surprisingly put me on the edge-of-my-seat with this affectionate smile-inducing love story!!! Was it slow, yeah for a very little bit, for about 30minutes, but when we first get introduced to the character, (played by Jennifer Lawrence) Tiffany Maxwell, the film get profoundly, affectionally, and spectacualarly/skillfully filmed, directed, acted, scripted and well-made!!
    With her hit as Katniss Everdeen(the GIRL ON FIRE) in The Hunger Games film(and in other upcoming Hunger Games films!!) and this film, Jennifer Lawrence is a “real force to be reckoned with” giving a funny, smart, sharp, “snappy”(if that even makes sense) moving, affectiomate, loving, wondrous, and beautful performance!! Bradley Copper is impressively charming and Robert DeNiro is excessively superb!! An A++ grade!! Worthy a getting a
    BIG SURPRISE(but unlikely, but then again unexpected) WIN OF BEST PICTURE!!!

    Please email me at bebe82496@gmail.com to hilariously argue with me about my thoughts on mostly all of the movies you talked about!!!!
    Brian D.

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