Episode 6: A Very New Haven Thanksgiving


That’s right, boys and girls, we’re alive.

Due to a literal and figurative perfect storm that prevented us from recording last month, we’ve returned in style with our very first LIVE EPISODE! We know what you’re thinking: “How did such a miracle occur?” Well, after a long, cutthroat night of duckpin bowling and hot off the heels of a glorious Thanksgiving, we got five of our friends to join in the fun and got our asses in the holiday spirit. One hour later, we had one crazy-ass episode in the can. So, without further ado, put on your bunny suits and welcome Andrew (Schroeder), Audrey (Sallly Brown), Ginny (Frieda), Sully (no idea what character that is), and Nick (Shermy) to the fray for our favorite episode yet:

[START – 01:36]
Aiden and Sean apologize for their absence.

[01:36 – 7:15]
Everyone says their name and what their favorite movies of all-time are. Andrew tells of the time his mom saw Donald Sutherland in a bookstore. Nick cuts in to tell a story about the time he saw Donald or Keifer Sutherland getting hassled at a McDonald’s. Complete chaos ensues.

Ginny goes with The Muppet Christmas Carol, which also happens to be her favorite movie of all-time. Everyone gets to talking about Muppets, and, of course, this leads to the latest news about Kevin Clash. And, of course, this leads to Nick telling us about that time he gave his girlfriend a Tickle-Me-Elmo for Christmas. Apologies to Ginny for continually stealing the floor from the poor girl.

[12:56 – 20:32]
Sean goes with a classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. Lo and behold, it’s Aiden’s pick, too. Sean likes it for all the right reasons, Aiden likes it ’cause of that SNL skit where they beat up Mr. Potter. To each his own.

[20:32 – 26:41]
Andrew gets real with A Charlie Brown Christmas and everyone wonders why they didn’t think of it first.

[26:41 – 33:35]
Suddenly, Sully bogarts the mic to talk about Ben-Hur before moving onto his favorite holiday movie, Jingle All the Way. No one’s sure if he’s serious or not, but it does lead to some surprisingly in-depth discussions on the life and times of Sinbad.

[33:35 – 40:08]
Ginny poses a roundtable question about everyone’s thoughts on A Christmas Story and whether or not it’s been tarnished by TBS…or the fact that one of the kids grew up to be a porn star? More importantly, it gives everyone a chance to acknowledge how awesome this guy’s Halloween costume was:


[40:08 – 51:27]
Audrey sticks with her childhood favorite, Home Alone. The Scrooge that he is, Aiden addresses his concerns with it and why it caused him run out of the theater when he was a child. Naturally, this leads to a thorough comparison of Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

[51:27 – 01:34:00]
Even though it’s arguably a push, Nick sticks with The Mighty Ducks for reasons all his own. Somehow, this leads to a celebration of the life of John Candy, which leads to Sully declare Uncle Buck is his new favorite holiday movie.

[01:34:00 – END]
Clearly ready for bed, we awkwardly wrap things up and bid you all adieu.

A very special thanks to Andrew, Audrey, Ginny, Sully, and Nick for getting on board with this and being hilarious as always. And much love as usual to Atheist for his fly beats (that you should really go and download already). Thanks to all you listeners out there, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and until next time, folks!

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