Episode 4: Cinema Awkwardiso

Hey, everybody!

Welcome back to Episode 4 of the Best Movie Ever podcast! Now, we had fully intended to have the one and only Scott Knopf (aka: Atheist; aka: the guy whose music we’re jackin’) of Frankly, My Dear fame to join the conversation. And for a while there he totally did, that is until Aiden’s computer crashed one hour into the show, wiping out everything he’d recorded. Good times! All the same, Scott will return, but until then, y’all are just gonna have to settle for a twosome this week.

So in honor of Halloween coming up and Paranormal Activity 4‘s imminent release, we’re running down our picks for the Best Worst Horror Movie Ever, along with our most awkward moviegoing experiences. A damn shame we didn’t get to hear Scott talk about Frankenhooker, but thank god we heard about his most awkward time in a theater. With that being said, hit play, sucka!

(START – 01:37)
Introductions for all you first-time listeners.

(01:37 – 08:58) SEGMENT I: WATCHA’ WATCHIN’?
Aiden finally got around to Shotgun Stories: the debut effort by one of his favorite directors these days (and it’s on Netflix Instant). He was mighty fond of it.

(08:58 – 15:52)
Sean finally got around to Hara-Kiri from way back in ’62.

(15:52 – 22:04)
Then Sean went to a screening of Heaven’s Gate (also on Netflix Instant) at the New York Film Festival where writer/director Michael Cimino was in attendance. According to Sean, it was one of the best moviegoing experiences of his life. Aiden concedes and adds it to the queue.

(22:04 – 27:26)
And lastly this week, Sean breaks down the new trailer for Zero Dark Thirty, which Aiden hadn’t seen for some reason.

Sean watched Boogie Nights with his girlfriend’s mom recently, although it pales in comparison to the first time he watched Fight Club with his old man.

(34:40 – 41:33)
Aiden recalls going to Shame on opening night with his wife, Sean, and Sean’s friend that Aiden and his wife had never met before. It was an interesting night.

(41:33 – 44:23)
Before their recording session hit the fan last week, Scott told the story of how he got sexually accosted that time he took his sister to see Sweet Home Alabama. Since it was the best story of the bunch, Aiden recounts it as best as he can.

Aiden goes for a layup with Troll 2 (also on Netflix Instant). He really does love that movie.

(53:01 – 01:03:33)
Sean goes with House, one of the trippiest movies that either of them have ever seen.

(01:03:33 – END)
Sean and Aiden shamelessly plug themselves, then they say goodbye.

And that’s it! As usual, special thanks to Atheist for the fly beats off his debut album Thanks for the Burgers (download that ish for free, son), and thank you all for listening! Be sure to Like us on Facebook and all that jazz, and until next week, keep watching good movies.

Seacrest, out.

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