Episode 3: When Boys Became Men

Welcome back, y’all, to Episode 3 of Best Movie Ever!

This week we’re joined by Dylan McAvenia: bonafide movie nerd and member of the Droobis International comedy troupe. We talk about Dylan’s fear of Danny DeVito, Nic Cage gutting people like fish, and the pros and cons of letting a ten-year-old watch a movie about a ten-year-old getting kidnapped. Good times all around, so hop to it and hit play!

Dylan takes the lead and gives us his thoughts on Chronicle plus the premieres of The Office and Parks and Rec. We scoff at Modern Family‘s Emmy sweep and agree that Parks and Rec is the funniest show on TV.

(08:57 – 15:02)
Aiden eats some humble pie after finally giving into Dredd (and he even wrote a review about it).

(15:02 – 21:06)
Sean watched Kill List again and dug it just as much the second time around.

Aiden recounts the day he saw Ransom instead of High School High…at ten-years-old.

(28:25 – 35:42)
That very same year, Sean’s dad took him to see The Rock, which totally explains his fear of green chemical balls.

(35:42 – 50:52)
Dylan insists he remembers seeing Pretty Woman at three-years-old, but since that one’s up for debate, he settles for the time he saw T2 at his friend Ernest’s house. He was about four or five.

Sean goes the head-trip route with Primer, a movie that more people really ought to see.

(01:01:39 – 01:13:22)
Dylan, the predictable bastard he is, goes with the crowd favorite, Back to the Future, albeit for very different reasons.

(01:13:22 – 01:23:37)
Aiden shares his love for Time Bandits (also on Netflix Instant) and giggles like an idiot over the Robin Hood scene.

(01:23:37 – END)
Aiden and Sean wrap things up and thank Dylan for being such a lovely guest.

And that’s it! Thanks again to Dylan for coming on and cracking us the hell up. And a special thanks as always to Atheist for loaning us his fly beats. Be the man/woman and download his debut album Thanks for the Burgers. Yup, it’s still free. Hope you boys and girls have a swell week, make sure to tune in next Monday, and thanks again for listening!

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