Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome back, everybody, to Episode 2 of Best Movie Ever!

This week we have our very first guest on the show: the one and only Audrey Redmond (because this is what you have to put with when your husband runs a podcast)! We catch up, we reminisce, we bond. It’s beautiful, really. Anyhow, we actually think we’re getting the hang of this thing, so hop to it and hit play, yo!

(START – 02:14)
Audrey introduces herself, Aiden and Sean rejoice at having their very first guest.

(02:14 – 07:14) SEGMENT I: WHATCHA’ WATCHIN’?
In between all her work and all the crap that Aiden’s been making her sit through, Audrey managed to squeeze in Being Elmo after six thousand people suggested it to her (also on Neflix Instant). She loved it, Aiden concurs, and Sean brings things full circle with some Kevin Clash knowledge.

(07:14 – 13:35)
Sean saw The Master and loved it, too. Aiden pines for his moviegoing days in New York.

(13:35 – 21:01)
Aiden survived The Snowtown Murders (also on Netflix, plus he reviewed it). Audrey explains why she threw in the towel. Aiden doesn’t blame her.

Sean fondly recalls the day he saw the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a theater. Aiden interrupts halfway through to grill him about his favorite Ninja Turtle. Everyone agrees that Raph was a dick.

(27:51 – 31:21)
Aiden exhumes his memories of seeing The NeverEnding Story II as a kid. Far more traumatic than it sounds.

(31:21 – 35:41)
Audrey went to a screening of Beauty and the Beast when she was a youngin’. Just as awesome as it sounds.

Aiden goes for a layup with Stand By Me and wonders why more kids don’t swear in movies anymore?

(43:37 – 47:39)
Audrey gets down with My Girl and wonders how much money it would take to let someone kill her for art?

(47:39 – 58:35)
Sean takes a chance on Harold and Maude and finds himself in good company. One of the all-time greats, folks.

(58:35 – END)
Aiden and Sean wrap things up and bid Audrey farewell. A mighty fine first guest.

And that’s it, folks. Hope you enjoyed it. Big thank you to Audrey for subjecting herself to us two, she was a natural. And as always, much love to Atheist for hooking us up with his fly beats. Now go and download his dope-ass debut album, Thanks for the Burgers. It’s FREE, son!

Thanks for listening and have a good one, folks. See ya’ next Monday!

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