Episode 1: Revenge of the Nerves

Well hey there, friends, family, and internet drifters! Welcome to the very first episode of the Best Movie Ever podcast! You, sirs and madams, are in for quite the delicious treat.

Your hosts this fine evening are Aiden and Sean: two nerds who alienate everyone with their movie ramblings until trivia night comes along and then suddenly everyone wants to be on their team. C’est la vie. Well anyway, this here is their very first podcast and it’s as self-explanatory as its title suggests. They hope you enjoy it, they really do, and please forgive Aiden as he sets a new world record for the most amount of times you can say “like” in a one-hour time span. He’s still getting the hang of it.

Sean talks about the “disasterpiece” that is Heaven’s Gate (now streaming on Netflix Instant) and it’s recent revival thanks to its release on The Criterion Collection. Aiden adds to the conversation by talking about how weird Michael Cimino looks.

(17:38 – 24:28)
Aiden talks about The Raid: Redemption and keeps comparing it to The Matrix for some reason.

(24:28 – 28:20)
Aiden talks about his latest obsession, Breaking Bad (also on Netflix Instant), which leads to a thorough rambling of all the great shows that Sean and Aiden still haven’t watched.

Aiden takes the road less traveled and makes his case for Punch-Drunk Love (ALSO on Netflix Instant).

(39:12 – 49:13)
Sean drops some serious PTA knowledge in his love for There Will Be Blood.

(49:13 – 1:01:15) SEGMENT III: BEST MOVIE EVER
Sean goes with Jaws. Aiden concurs.

(1:01:15 – 1:07:00)
Aiden goes with High Noon (holy crap, that’s on Netflix Instant, too). But alas, Sean hasn’t seen it. Aiden cries on the inside.

(1:07:00 – END)
Aiden and Sean wrap that ish up.

And that’s about it, folks. Thanks for listening, tune in next week week for a decidedly more entertaining/far less jittery episode, and a very special thanks to the one and only Atheist for letting us jack his dope beats for the intro/outro music. If you’re crazy and have yet to listen to his debut album, Thanks for the Burgers, hit the jump now and download it FOR FREE, son!


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